Advertising and graphic films

Films for printing

The term "LABEL" has multiple references: etiquette, information, discography, but certainly the most widespread and the most visual impact is the LABEL IDENTIFICATION of a product that can be made of paper, cardboard or, better, of PLASTIC FILM that can be glued and applied on products and packaging to indicate contents and specific information.

Our film ALFAVIN, paper adhesive, is the right solution for the production of adhesive labels used in gravure printing, screen printing, solvent based and UV flexo offset.

  • Opaque films

    Our product range includes opaque and super opaque films, both transparent and coloured for different applications required by the market, such as plotters and protection.

  • Transparent films

    An ADVERTISING GROUND FLOOR is definitely a very direct way to communicate, inform and guide the client where you want to display the products for sale.

    ALFAVIN TUNDRA is the Alfatherm specific film, embossed and transparent, suitable for adhesive coating to be used in digital printing, walkable and easy to apply and ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Glossy films

    ALFAVIN DIGIT is the film specially designed by Alfatherm for digital inkjet printing technology increasingly used for large format prints.