Packaging films

Food Packaging

PVC-PE and PVC-EVOH-PE multilayer films for thermoforming are produced with solvent free process and are the right solution to FOODSTUFFS packaging.

Films in contact with food are produced with high quality selected row materials complying with existing international regulations for foodstuffs packaging. Thereforeconformitycertifications can be granted. In addition to standard products, special formulation can be developed on specific customer request.

Film thicknesses and PE layer technical features can be changed.

  • PVC-PE Film

    Film available in transparent and in a wide range of colours.

    In the food packaging application this film is widely used due to its high gas and water vapour barrier characteristics, preserving food freshness for up to many days.  

  • PVC-EVOH-PE barrier film

    Film suitable to pack long shelf-life foodstuffs in modified atmosphere.

    Film available in transparent and in a wide range of colours.

    Besides PVC/PE standard properties, PVC-EVOH-PE film allows modified atmosphere packaging also without using preservatives and antioxidants, by increasing considerably products shelf-life.

  • Termoresistent PVC film

    Film specifically developed to form monodosi packs and trays filled-in with hot material and sealed directly on (FFS: Form-Fill-Seal) machines; it stands to high Vicat degrees temperatures according to customers’ request.