News published on September 14, 2016

New design and innovation is a continuing evolution and at ALFATHERM it is no difference so we have not been sleeping during the winter months but instead we have been thinking and developing our programme for 2016/2017. Here is the start of that process which will result in new design partnerships at the IWF show in Atlanta in August this year following all the way through to Interzum in May 2017.

At ALFATHERM we look to carefully monitor and follow the trends that we believe have the strength to make a lasting impact in design and at the same time work in the commercial world that we all need to live and work in.
This has resulted in two new designs MEDIEVALMETROPOLITAN  and by using nature as a source of inspiration they have created the look of natural stones and importantly we have combined these with a new surface texture called “PIETRA” to bring a new touch and feel to the surface.
This trend has now been established beyond worktops to cabinet facias and this was very evident in April at EuroCucina during the 2016 Salone delMobile  in Milan.

This is a design link with the printer Lamigraf and we will showcase a light and medium grey colour plus a copper tone.
This décor provides a contemporary chic charm with an industrial simplicity and with combinations of our modern trend solid colours from the OPACO and VELLUTO collections it provides a sophisticated and comfortable living environment.

This design link with the printer Confalonieri has a very interesting mixture of elements giving an edgy urban appearance.
The three tones of grey from light to medium and dark will help define the look and by using either a light or dark grey cabinet together with our OPACO or VELLUTO solid colours a very contemporary style can easily be achieved helping to create various moods for every room in the home.

All the new colour ways in MEDIEVAL and METROPOLITAN will be added to the ALFATHERM GLOBAL STOCK EXPRESS RANGE which is aimed at bringing our customers innovative and commercially successful design possibilities without having to invest in large production volumes.

ALFATHERM as pioneers of EIR (Embossed in Register ) printing will be showcasing new and exciting developments with the major TFL producers and more information about this will follow in our June Newsletter.

This new décor is an exclusive partnership with Uniboard and a print design link with Interprint.
This design is being launched with a new top embossing called SEQUOIA which brings a new feel and appearance to the wood grain surface.
A new Walnut was one of our focus prints for IWF so we are delighted to be bringing this to the market.