Alfatherm S.p.A. has been one of the first companies in Italy to obtain in 1991 the Certification in Production Process in the field of CALENDERING PLASTIC MATERIALS in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 normative.

The Company has implemented, starting from 2005, the development and the management of those products to be used in direct 'contact with food' complying with the specification of this sector according to the BRC/IOP normative.

ISO 9001

Our aim for each product is to ensure the quality standard expected by the customer is reached, both in small and large-scale production, focusing on three basic factors, such as competence, technology and service represented by:

  • The wide experience of Alfatherm staff.
  • Careful research into the techniques and equipment required for transforming raw materials into industrial products for various areas of application.
  • Strict management of corporate processes, combined with organisational flexibility to fulfil customer expectations.
  • An excellent service model, complying with UNI EN ISO 9001.