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Mimosa and Dalia are offered in true to nature walnut colors. This trendy and sophisticated woodgrain blends heartwood and sapwood displaying varying tones in a beautiful color play.
Dalia is deep and rich which lends authenticity to this natural walnut. The light and clean colors of Mimosa bring a subtle softness to this decor.
This stylish Interprint design features Uniboard’s new SEQUOIA surface structure bringing a fresh and contemporary feel and appearance to this woodgrain. 

These colours will be added to the North American and Stock Express Range

ALFATHERM’s breakthrough in-register synchronised embossing technology sees the introduction of this design matched to UNIBOARD colours skye/driftwood/ mystic / zahara/ silva/ember,
all of which will be added to their North American STOCKRANGE. 
This is an elegant design with a deep brushed rich texture matched to the grain, and the 3-dimensional nature of the laminate creates a strong distinctive character but with natural authentic elements that will
stand the test of time. 
Never before has 3D Laminate looked and felt so much like “THE REAL THING”. 
Combine the brown & grey colors of this wood grain with the new OPACO & VELLUTO solid colors and strike a perfect balance between kitchen and living room areas.

These six colours will be added to the North American and Stock Express Range

ALFATHERM  in an exclusive design partnership with Tafisa introduce at IWF 2016 ten 3DL colours with their pioneering EIR technology. 
The VIVA decors have been developed by Tafisa with an innovative vision to create a unique texture and woodgrain structure offering an elegance and refinement in three separate designs, 

These ten colours will be added to the North American and Stock Express Range

With the exception of White Moonstone Ash all these foils will be added to the Stock Express Range

                                                                                                                                                                           SOLID COLOURS

Now firmly established in the market the VELLUTO paint effect surface has excellent scratch resistance with a tactile touch. OPACO the original super matt foil that combines outstanding impact strength with a “touch me” surface. The growing influence in the market of matt surfaces makes OPACO an important design choice.